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December 21st, 2022

Flagpole Replacement Parts

When you get a new flagpole, all the parts are fresh and new. There is no need to worry about replacing any parts for a while, except a flag and maybe a snap hook or two. Over time, it may be necessary to replace parts, the question is where can I find them? We have all the flagpole replacement parts you would need. 

Let’s start at the top of the flagpole and work our way down. 

Ball or Eagle

A ball might need to be replaced if it was struck by lightning or if it falls off the flagpole and is damaged. The size of ball needed is typically the same diameter of the base of your flagpole. For example, if you have a 4” base diameter flagpole, the ball size you would get is 4”. Another option for the top of the flagpole is an eagle. We do not always recommend an eagle, because the flag can get caught on the wing and break the eagle. However, if this is something you like, we have flagpole eagles available in a natural color and gold. 

Flagpole Replacement Parts


There are times when the truck (also known as the pulley) wears out. The part that the rope is pulled through to make the flag go up and down, can get worn out from the rope moving through it. When a truck needs replacing, it would require either you or our crew to get to the top of the flagpole. 


Rope is one of the flagpole parts that will need to be replaced more often. The rope is constantly pulled on in multiple spots. Although you can move your parts on the rope to prevent the wear and tear in one spot, you want to make sure your rope doesn’t break completely. It is very simple to replace rope from the ground but can become costly if we have to get to the top of the flagpole to replace the rope. 

Snap Hooks & Snap Hook Covers

Since the snap hooks and snap hook covers take a beating, these parts will likely have to be replaced more often than some of the bigger parts. When the metal grommets from the flag rub on the metal snap hooks, it causes the metals to wear down and require replacement every year or two. The snap hook covers typically wear out from the exposure to sun and extreme weather plus, and the constant rubbing from the snap hook. 

Flag Arranger (For internal flag poles only) 

The reason to replace a flag arranger is similar to the reasons a snap hook would need to be replaced. Though, the flag arranger has the ability to break in the middle, and would need to be replaced if that happened. Or if you want to fly a different size flag, you would need a different size flag arranger. 


This is the part that will need to be replaced the most often. In Colorado we will see people needing about 2-3 flags per year depending on where you live. It is windier in some areas than others. We offer two different materials in our American and Colorado flags. We have nylon or polyester. Nylon will hold its color longer than the polyester. But the polyester will hold up better against the wind. 

Retainer Ring (For internal flagpoles only) 

A retainer ring keeps the flag and rope attached to the pole. This is a long strand with beads on it. The beads help it roll up and down the flagpole when raising and lowering. Over time the beads will wear out from sun exposure and extreme weather and start to break. The size of the retainer ring is determined by the base diameter of the pole. 

Weight (For internal flagpoles only) 

The weight helps keep the flag taught against the pole. This part will likely not need to be replaced very often. There is a rubber coating on the metal weight. If the coating comes off and starts scratching the pole, it might be time to replace it. Or the loop that attaches to the pole could eventually wear through like a snap hook. 


This is where the rope ties off on an external halyard flagpole. These very rarely need to be replaced. In the event of converting an internal flagpole to an external flagpole a cleat will be necessary.. 

Cam action cleat (For internal flagpoles only) 

This little clamp on the inside of the door of an internal halyard flagpole holds the rope in place. It could eventually wear out. Replacing it is easy and affordable. It screws into the shaft of the inside of the pole.

Winch (For internal flagpoles only) 

Your flagpole either has a cam action cleat or a winch. The winch is the mechanism that the cable wraps around, which then raises and lowers the flag. These are usually a pretty penny to replace. They have a gearless brake in them to stay in position when the cranking is stopped. It is important to not over-crank the flag. Over-cranking the winch can cause a winch to fail.

Winch Handle (For internal winch flagpoles only) 

The handle is how an internal winch based flagpole operates. The handle is removable and can easily be lost. We have replacement winch handles in stock, but make sure to know which handle you need or what the winch insert looks like. There are a few different types of handles. 

Flash Collar

A flash collar is at the bottom of the flagpole, adding a finished look to the flagpole. It is personal preference if you get one or not. They can get dented if stepped on, mowed over, or if rocks hit it. Some people opt out of getting a flash collar and just have landscaping around the pole. 

This can seem like an overwhelming list of parts, but luckily flagpole parts do not wear out that often and everything will not need to be replaced at once. If you need a new part or repair, we can come take a look at your flagpole and give recommendations of parts that might need replaced. Call us to schedule a visual today.

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