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December 14th, 2022

2022 Last Minute Gift Ideas

We are 11 days away from Christmas, and if you are struggling to find a gift for the person in your life that is hard to shop for, we have some ideas. Because Christmas is on a Sunday, there are really only 9 days to get your shopping done at CFC. We will be open until 1:00 PM on 12/23/2022, so plan accordingly. 

American Flag

We have all sizes and materials of American flags in stock. I always rely on this to give to my in-laws. They usually need about 2-3 flags a year, So even if their flag looks good now, I know they will appreciate having a fresh flag ready to hang when their current flag is ready to be retired. The most common size flag people fly on the side of their house is a 3’x5’. We have nylon and polyester available, the nylon will hold its color longer while the polyester will not fray as quickly. 

Shop American Flags

In-Ground Flagpole

These are higher dollar gifts, but what a perfect gift to go into together with siblings or cousins. Residential flagpoles are usually 15’-20’ tall. These poles are in stock and ready to be delivered, picked up, or installed. Another option is to wrap the flag for them to open on Christmas morning, and get the flagpole at a later date when you are ready to install it. Ask us about pricing on our flagpoles. 

Sports Flags

If there is a sports team you are a fan of that is doing really well this year, a flag of that team can be a fun gift. We have all Colorado sports team flags in stock, including Rockies, Broncos, Rapids, Nuggets, and of course our reigning champs, the Avalanche. We also have college flags as well, University of Colorado, Colorado State University, and Air Force. We have a handful of other sports teams in stock, let us know what team you are looking for. 

To guarantee delivery by Christmas on stock orders, please order by Monday 12/19/2022 without expedited shipping.

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