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October 26th, 2022

Gift Giving Guide 2022

The holidays are quickly approaching, and now is time to start thinking about what gifts to give. Why does it always feel like shopping for others can be so difficult? We want to make it as easy as possible for you. That is why we have put together our 2022 Gift Giving Guide.

In-Ground Flagpole

Has dad, grandpa, or your husband always wanted a flagpole in front of their house? This is a perfect gift to go in on with siblings or cousins, as it can be a little expensive. However, it is something that will last forever. If they ever move, you can move the flagpole with them. 

How do you wrap a 20’ flagpole? You can keep the flagpole at our warehouse until after Christmas and just wrap the flag, letting them know it goes with an awesome in-ground flagpole. If installing the flagpole on Christmas is something you are interested in doing, find a dry place to store the flagpole until Christmas day, and the whole family can be involved walking the flagpole up into place. 

Gift Giving Guide

US Flag

Do you already have a flagpole either on the side of your house or in your front yard? A gift that you can’t go wrong with, is a fresh US flag 100% made and sourced in America. Even if the flag currently flying still looks pretty good, this new one can be ready to go on the flagpole when the other one starts to fade or fray.  

Custom Flag

A custom flag is a great gift for mom or grandma. You can put your cousin’s face on a flag, so grandma can wake up every morning thinking of all her grandchildren. Is there a family quote or inside joke? That would make a great gift flag. What about a special photograph or vacation memory, we can make a flag to remind them of that special time. Last, a family crest is a sentimental way to honor your family. 

Mounted Flagpole Kit

A mounted residential flagpole kit is a great gift for new homeowners or for your sibling if they don’t have a flagpole outside their house. We offer a kit that includes a flagpole, bracket, and American flag that is all packaged together, and easy to wrap. 

There are even more flag related gifts that can be perfect for anyone you are buying for. How about a sports flag to fly outside or hang in a garage? There are endless options when it comes to holiday gift giving, and we want the holidays to be easy breezy this year. 

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