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October 19th, 2022

What is the Longest Lasting American Flag? 

When we get asked, what is the longest lasting American Flag, it can sometimes be a difficult question to answer. Are you seeing your flag fade faster than it is fraying, go with a nylon flag. Or are you seeing your flag fray before it fades? We have the perfect solution, our Xtra Stitch American Flag

What is an Xtra Stitch Flag? 

An Xtra Stitch American flag is a polyester material with four additional rows of stitching zig-zagging on the fly end of the flag. In addition to the extra rows of stitching, the corners have additional zig-zagging on the already reinforced square. This keeps the flag from fraying as quickly. These are especially good for high wind areas.

Why is this the longest lasting American Flag? 

Once the winds get a hold of the flag, and breaks through the initial four rows of stitching and reinforced corners, there are now four additional rows of stitching to keep the flag from fraying quickly. It is hard to say how much longer the flag will last, but the wind has some work to do to get through the extra reinforcement. 

Longest lasting American flag

Our Top Seller Online

We launched this product just a few years ago, and our customers are pleased with the results of the Xtra Stich American Flag. The price point is not much more than our regular polyester American flag, making it a very smart purchase. Since our launch, we have had an influx of Xtra Stitch American flag orders. And multiple repeat orders, so I would say our customers are happy with the results of the product. 

Because this is one of our favorite products, we keep a large number in stock. Just give the flag a chance and see if you think this is the longest lasting American flag. Come visit us in store, call us 303-431-1117, or order your Xtra Stitch American flag online.

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