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October 13th, 2022

Ongoing Flagpole Maintenance

There is a lot of excitement getting a new flagpole in front of your house or business. While there might not be any maintenance when you first get the pole, there is ongoing maintenance for a flagpole. This might include flags, parts, and care. 

Ongoing flagpole maintenance


The flag is what will wear out the fastest. There is an assumption that a flag should last forever, which is not true. When a flag is flying 20/7, the flag will fade from the sunshine, and/or fray from the wind whipping it around. The U.S. Government generally expects a nylon flag to last 90 days based on the flag flying daily from sunrise to sunset, except during inclement weather. We typically see our customers needing 1-3 flags a year. Colorado can experience some crazy weather taking a toll on flags, but we also have customers whose flags last a couple years. 


Flagpole parts do not wear out as quickly as flags, but will eventually need to be replaced. 

Snap Hook

The parts that will need to be monitored are the snap hooks, the clips that hold the flag to the rope. When the metal snap hooks rub on the metal grommets or D-Rings, this causes the materials to wear down. When changing the flag, take a moment to look at the snap hook to see if there is wear. 


This does not need to be changed as often as snap hooks, but definitely something to keep an eye on is the rope. The rope is constantly tugged on when the flag is flying. The most common spot we see the rope breaking is where the snap hooks are attached. If the rope completely breaks, it can be costly to have it replaced because we have to get to the top of the pole to get the rope back in the pulley. If you see that rope is becoming thin or worn before the rope breaks, the flagpole can be re-roped from the ground which is much more cost effective. 

Other Parts

Flagpole parts like the truck (pulley) or the ball do not need to be replaced as often as the other parts. It can all depend on the area you live in, but we typically see them getting replaced once a decade, if that. 


As long as you care for your flagpole, and don’t neglect it, it does not cost much to maintain it. Just remember, on very windy days, take your flag down. This will give your flag a longer life, and takes some strain off the flagpole. 

Service Agreement

At Custom Flag Company we offer a service where we come to your flagpole every month, every other month, once a quarter, or twice a year to change out your flags and check all the parts of the flagpole. If the flag flying is still in good condition, we will clean and repair it, then re-hang it the next time we come to visit your flagpole. If the flag needs to be retired we will take care of it properly and complimentary. We take a look at the snap hooks, rope, and other parts to make sure they are in good condition. 
If this is something you are interested in, so you never have to worry about your flagpole, let us know and we can discuss this option further. Call us at 303-431-1117 or email admin@customflagcompany.com.

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