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September 28th, 2022

What Does Gold Fringe Mean?

Gold fringe on flags add a level of elegance to the American flag, military, state flags, custom flags, and international flags. We wanted to provide insight since there are so many questions surrounding the use, meaning, and myths of fringe on flags.

Does the fringe on an American flag designate anything?

Fringe on a flag is a decorative feature only. According to The American Legion, fringe on flags was first used as early as 1835. The Army added gold fringe to American flags beginning in 1895. 

Gold fringe

Since it does not signify anything, why do so many indoor flags have fringe?

The gold fringe on the United States flag is very popular in courtrooms, office buildings, schools, auditoriums, podiums, boardrooms, government buildings, and hotel lobbies. However, since the gold fringe does not have any specific meaning, adding gold fringe to an outdoor flag is appropriate but impractical since the fringe is not made for outdoor elements. 

Does the flag code mention fringe on American flags?

The Flag Code includes appropriate uses, dates to fly the flag, how to display flags, proper respect, but does not specifically mention fringe on US flags. 

Is a fringed flag restricted only to the Federal Government use?

A gold fringe American flag can be displayed by military,  civic and civilian organizations, as well as private individuals. However, fringe is mandatory on military flags when used during a parade. 

What myths or ideas surround the gold fringe on an American Flag?

Gold fringe on the US flag a sign of marital or maritime law – FALSE

The gold fringe on an American flag has a secret meaning-FALSE

Gold fringe is only for military use – FALSE 

Bottom line, the gold fringe on the American flag is an honorable enrichment and it is in line with the military tradition. The fringe on a flag is strictly decorative.

When considering an indoor flag, we offer gold fringe for American flags, state flags, and military flags as an option. Also, when designing a custom flag for indoor display, fringe can be added to the flag.

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