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August 17th, 2022

Header with Rope & Thimble or D Rings?

Should I order a flag that has header with rope & thimble or D rings? What is the difference? In common language, this is how the flag is finished to attach to a flagpole. Let’s explore the most common finishes of a flag. 

Header and Grommets

Header and grommets are the most common finish for an outdoor flag. The “header” is a strong, pure white canvas strip of fabric sewn along the hoist side of the flag. The header reinforces the fabric on the side it is attaching to the flagpole. The “grommets” are brass eyelets placed at the top and bottom used to attach the flag to the pole. This finish is perfect for flags sized up to 6’x10’.

Header with D-Rings

Flags 8’x12’ and larger, D-rings replace the brass grommets at the top and bottom of the hoist side of the flag. When D-Rings are sewn into the header, it is sewn with a reinforced thread that forms an X-Box pattern twice. On 15×25’ up to 40×80’ a webbing that is 3 times the thickness of a seat belt is used in place of the canvas header. You don’t hear about many seat belt breaking and the webbing is 3 times thicker. This is our standard finish for large flags and have incredible success with this finish. 

Header with Rope & Thimble

An alternative finish to D-Rings is Rope and Thimble for flags 8’x12’ and larger. The rope is sewn into the length of the header and then the rope is threaded into a thimble on the top and bottom of the flag. The thimble is crimped within the header. It is possible the rope can become detached from the header which results in the flag sagging on the flagpole.  

Header with Rope & Thimble or D Rings

Pole Sleeve with Tab

When a flag is used with a parade or indoor flagpole, a pole sleeve finish is needed. The flag is constructed with an opening at the top and bottom. This allows an ornament to attach to the pole. A leather tab is sewn into the pole sleeve to attach the flag to the indoor or parade flagpole.

Pole Sleeve with Closed Top

When a flag is going to slip over the top of a flagpole, the flag would be made with a pole sleeve. The top of the sleeve sewn shut, or closed at the top. This would be a great option for an attraction flag.

The flag finish is one component of the flag that needs to be considered when ordering. Let our team assist you if you need further explanation or have questions.

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