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August 3rd, 2022

College Dorm Room Flags

College move in day is right around the corner. Have you thought about how you want to decorate your new room? An easy way to fill up space is with flags. They make a great addition as they fill up a lot of space with very little effort. 

Custom Dorm Flag Ideas


Humor is the root of most dorm room custom flags. Is there something you want to bring to life in a flag? Our designers can help you make it happen.


Is there a meme that you love? Consider using it to make a flag. You can even personalize it for you and your roommates. 


Satire, usually in the crude or vulgar format, makes young people laugh and come together. Let us help you make it a reality.

Photo or Quote

Not all dorm flags have to be funny or crude. Is there a meaningful photo that brings you joy and happiness? What about a quote that touches your heart? We can help design a flag with a personalized photo or a quote. 

If you have no idea how much space you will have left to decorate, no need to worry, we have a wide range of stock flags ready to ship or pick up. 

College Dorm Room Flags

Stock Dorm Flags

State Flags

State Flags are a very popular flag to fly in a dorm room, especially when you come from a state with a great flag, like Colorado!

Professional Sports Team Flags

When your home team wins the Stanley Cup, it is time to grab one to fly in your dorm room. We have a large stock of Avalanche and other professional sport flags. 

NCAA Flags

We have a large stock of NCAA flags. Where are you attending school? We have University of Colorado, Colorado State University, LSU, Nebraska, and Baylor flags in stock. These are just a few of the schools we have stocked. Show your school spirit by flying your college flag. 

American Flag

The American Flag is a great way to show your patriotism in your dorm room.

Pride Flag

A pride flag is a way to show support to your pride community or just to have a colorful flag hanging in your room.

This is just a sampling of the flags that can be hung in a college dorm room. Do you have any other ideas? We have so many flags, each that fit your personality.

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