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July 27th, 2022

Homebuilder Flags and Flagpoles

A common question we get is “who are your customers?”. Everyone assumes we make school flags and family crest flags. Yes, we do work with schools and individuals looking for personalized custom flags. But, a very large segment of our business is homebuilders. We have worked alongside homebuilders for over 20 years and have been a member of our local HBA for 20 years. When developing a marketing program for a new community, flags should be a key component to the master plan.


We install flagpoles anywhere from 20’ tall to 70’ tall to promote visibility to potential homebuyers. The most common sized flagpoles are 35’ or 50’. Typically, a new flagpole is installed at the temporary trailer. Once the furnished model is ready, the flagpole is moved to the model. Ultimately, the flagpole is removed when the community sells out. The flagpole usually is reinstalled at a new community or stored until the next community is ready to open. A service we offer while the flagpole is in the ground is monthly or quarterly maintenance to change out the flags. This service ensures that the flags are always fresh, clean, and untattered. 

Homebuilder flags and flagpoles

American Flags

An American flag is an iconic symbol and provides a lot of visibility. Flying a large American Flag at the model helps direct the buyer to the model. The American flag flying high above the roof line will guide prospects to the model. Our American flags are 100% Made in the USA and certified by FMAA. 

Custom Flags 

Custom Flags help identify the homebuilder or community. The custom flag promotes the builder and helps a prospect remember the builder. Plus, a custom flag ties all the branding of the community together. 

VIS Flags

We call custom tall attention flags  VIS Flags which is short for Visibility flag. These flags are tall, usually 13’ to 16’ tall with the width 2’ to 3’ wide. Most are branded with a custom message or builder logo, but they can be a simple design or a solid color. The most common use is directing buyers to communities, model homes, or an open house. They are finished with a reinforced, closed top pole sleeve along the left side of the flag. Typically, multiple VIS flags are installed down a street or clustered on a corner. The color and  movement directs prospective buyers to the community or model. 

National Homebuilder Account

Custom Flag Company services several national accounts. Each is unique and specialized for the home builder needs. This could be an annual, bi-annual, or quarterly bulk purchase. The advantage is deep discounts for large, bulk orders

These are some of our most popular items for home builders, we have so many items to help promote home builders.

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