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July 19th, 2022

Fundraising Flags

What is a creative way to raise money for your sports team or your school? Flags. Customized flags can have your team mascot, school or team name, or your sport logo on them. Fundraising flags can be purchased as a way to show support for the team. 

Will people really buy fundraising flags? 

Yes! How many of your neighbors have an American flag flying outside their house? Imagine it is your sports season, they can easily switch out the American flag for the custom logo flag you created and sold to them. There also might be people who want to hang it in their room or garage, showing their support in a different way. 

Where can I get fundraising flags? 

We can help with your fundraising project! We have a great option for fundraising flags. They are an import option, so slightly thinner than our domestic flag, but they cost much less, which gives you the opportunity to sell for for a profit to raise money for your school or team. And we can help with the design process. 

Fundraising Flags

How many should I order? 

Figuring out a realistic number is best, how many people are selling the item? Is it one little league team with 12-18 players on it? I would say maybe 2 flags per player would be a good place to start. Or are you a big high school football team with a freshman, JV, & Varsity program with a big following? That could be over 100 people selling flags, it could be realistic to sell about 200 flags. Are you selling the flags as a school fundraiser? Consider the entire student body purchasing a flag or two. The best part about flags, they don’t expire. If you don’t sell all 200 flags this year, you can sell the rest next year. 

How do I start? 

You can give us a call at 303-431-1117 or you can fill out a quote form to get a quote emailed to you from one of our sales representatives. We can answer any other questions you have!

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