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June 8th, 2022

Why Are Flagpoles Important? 

As I drive around, I notice flagpoles. And it’s more than I ever used to. When you start working for a flag and flagpole company, you can spot them all. What are some reasons to get a flagpole? Flagpoles are important for a few reasons. To display patriotism, express your freedom of speech, and advertising. 


The majority of flagpoles spotted have an American flag on them. This is the most common flag to be flown on a flagpole. We are proud to live in America and have our freedom. What better way to show patriotism than flying the red, white, and blue?  

Freedom of Speech

Where do your beliefs lie? Are you an avid supporter of our police, fire fighters, or military? Thin line flags are very popular flags to fly along with military branch flags. Are you a supporter of the LGBTQ community? How about a simple pride flag, or a progress pride flag, we have those! Are you a huge sports fan? We offer stock NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and NCAA flags. Also, we can help design and print a custom flag to express your freedom of speech. 

Why Are Flagpoles Important


A large majority of the flagpoles we service are advertising flagpoles. Of course the flagpole flies the American flag on the flag pole, but they have their logo flag on the flagpole as well. Homebuilders, corporate headquarters, and businesses will install 35’ – 70’ flagpoles. For a homebuilder the flagpole with a flag is taller than the houses being built. Potential home buyers will see the American flag flying, and are directed to the model home. The visibility that flags provide help clients find the business or headquarters. Also, flying flags provide pride in the corporation they represent. 

Maybe it is not the flagpoles that are so important, but how the pole helps us display our beliefs. It’s like the bread for a sandwich, a means to get the food in your mouth. If you are looking for a flagpole, we are here to help. We provide everything from the pole itself, to the installation, and flags. We also offer future service help care of your flags and flagpoles. 

Get in touch with us to get your flagpole.

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