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March 16th, 2022

Ukraine Flags

It has been easy to feel hopeless over the past few weeks with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We never welcome the division of people on this Earth and it is heartbreaking to witness innocent Ukrainian civilians suffering. One way to show your support for Ukraine is to fly the Ukraine flag. We have had a huge run on the modern Ukraine flag and currently have Ukraine flags in stock.

Modern Ukraine Flag

The current Ukrainian flag consists of two horizontal bands, the top is azure blue, and the bottom is yellow. The blue represents large blue skies and calm. The yellow represents wheat fields and joy. The flag is also known to represent blue sky over sunflowers, which is their national flower. 

Ukraine Flag

Ukraine Flag History

The modern Ukraine flag was officially first used as a state flag in 1918 when it was adopted by the short-lived West Ukrainian People’s Republic. 

When Ukraine fell under the control of the Bolsheviks the national blue and yellow flag was outlawed. Finally, in 1949, the country adopted the Ukrainian SSR flag which remained the flag of state until 1991. Once the country gained independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the yellow and blue flag was restored in 1992.

1918: the flag was first used as a state flag when adopted by the west Ukrainian Peoples Republic. 

1919 – 1949: Ukrainians were very picky about their national flag and it changed about every 10 years. 

1949: Adopted the Ukrainian SSR flag which was red with a golden hammer, sickle with a star placed in the upper left corner and an azure blue stripe on the bottom.

Ukraine Flag SSR

1992: Ukrainian Coat of Arms adopted. It is the same blue and yellow colors as the national flag but with the seal, referred to as the Sign of the Princely State of Vladimir the Great or the Trident. This flag was designed to represent the seal-trident of Volodymyr the Great. The coat of arms appears on Ukrainian passports and the presidential flag.

Ukraine Flag Coat of Arms

It is always interesting to read about the history of flags, and we can only hope Ukraine can keep their blue and yellow flag. Order a 3’x5’ Ukraine flag here.

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