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March 10th, 2022

Do You Need A Service Plan? 

Does your company have a flagpole? Is it the last thing on your mind to change out the flag or replace any parts? We want your flagpole to be the last thing you have to worry about. If you have a service plan with us, we will make sure your flag is always looking fresh, and you never have to worry. 

How much does a service plan cost? 

If you are signed up on a service plan with us, we will come out to your location at a discounted rate from our regular service charge. It is under $80 for us to come change out your flags.

Do you only change out the flags while you are here? 

No, we will also check all of the parts of the flagpole. This includes the rope, snap hooks, snap hook covers, the truck (pulley), and any other parts you have on your flagpole. 

Why is it important that we check all of the parts of the flagpole? 

We prefer to maintain flagpoles instead of fixing a flagpole. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes parts break on a flagpole and we have to repair it. But for the most part we can maintain the flagpole to keep costs low. For example, if the rope on a flagpole breaks, we now have to get to the top of the flagpole. This can be expensive. But, if we can see wear on the rope early enough, we can replace the rope from the ground. And the only extra charge is for the rope, because we will replace the rope during your service call. 

How often does this service happen? 

This service can happen as often as you would like. We typically offer the service monthly, every other month, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. However, if you would like us to come out more often, we can. 

Do the flags you take down just get disposed of? 

When we take the flags down to replace them with fresh flags we evaluate the flags that were on the flagpole to decide if they can be cleaned and repaired, or if they need to be retired. We look at the length and color. The type of flag depends on how we determine if the flag can be cleaned and mended or if it needs to be retired. On the US flag, you always want the stripes to be longer than the blue canton. Otherwise the flag will be a square. You don’t want that. To figure it out, you go to the point where the flag is most frayed, keep your finger there. Now, fold the flag where the stripes meet the canton. Are the stripes longer than the canton once repaired? If so, we will clean and repair the flag. If not, we will properly retire the flag. On a state or logo flag, we will make sure the logo or state seal is still showing and not cut off. We also do not want these flags to be a square. As for the color of the flag. You always want to make sure the colors are vibrant. On the US flag, if the colors are dull or the white is dirty and polluted, we will retire the flag. As well as the state and logo flags, we want to make sure the colors are bright. 

What happens when a flag is cleaned and repaired? 

When we decide a flag’s length is good and the color is still vibrant, we will clean and repair it. We first wash the flag using mild detergent and cold water, then we hang it dry. Once dry, it goes to our seamstress who will repair the fly end of the flag and reinforce the corners. 

If you feel like this service is something that would benefit you, let us know and we will get you signed up for a service plan.

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