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February 23rd, 2022

What Are Memorial Cases?

Have you ever seen a case in someone’s house or office with a flag in it? Why is the flag in a case? And what does the case do? 

Military, Police, and Fire

When someone in the military, police department, or fire department passes, their family will be presented with a casket flag. This is typically known to be a 5’x9’6” cotton American flag. The flag is placed on top of the casket during the funeral, then presented to the family right before the burial. A memorial case is then used to display the flag, and is kept as a keepsake. 

The 5 foot by 9 and a half foot US flag is the most popular flag size that is displayed in a case. With that said, there are multiple options when picking the case you want. 

Cherry Poplar Memorial Case: This memorial case is what we find to be the most popular, because of the rich, classic look, and the price. This case has a glass front and a nice cherry finish. 

Maple Memorial Case: This case is the same price as the Cherry Poplar case, but has a maple finish, with a plexiglass front. The maple wood frame is thicker than any of our other cases, therefore, not showing as much of the flag. 

Oak Memorial Case: The oak memorial case has a glass front and an oak finish. The price point of this case is higher than the Cherry or Maple cases. 

Metallic Gray Memorial Case: This is the same price as the Oak Memorial case, it has a glass front. Instead of a wood finish, the case is gray, giving it a modern look.

Black Memorial Case: Our most affordable case is black with a plexiglass front. 

What are memorial cases


Another reason people have memorial cases is because they have an old, sentimental flag. It was either their grandparents, parents, or family members’ flag that has sentimental value. These are typically smaller flags, so a 3’x5’ memorial case would be a better size option to display the flag. 

If you have a flag that you would like to display, reach out to us, as we stock many of these options.

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