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January 12th, 2022

Why Are Flagpoles Noisy?

Have you ever been standing next to a flagpole, thinking it is making a lot of noise up there? Flagpoles have just a few parts that can make it noisy. What are those parts? 

Why are flagpoles noisy?


Let’s start with the most obvious part of the flagpole, the flag. When a flag whips in the wind it can be noisy. Nylon can tend to be noisier than polyester. If you feel like your flag is constantly whipping, polyester would be the better material option than nylon because the fly end will hold up longer.

Snap Hooks

Snap hooks attach the flag to the flagpole. There are different material options to make a snap hook. We believe the heavy duty, stainless steel snap hooks last the longest in our Colorado winds. But because they are stainless steel, and flagpoles are aluminum, means there will be some clanking. To reduce the noise and the wear on your flagpole, we recommend using snap hook covers. These are rubber like covers that go over the snap hook to keep it from banging up your pole.  


A weight is only used on internal halyard flagpoles. It is used to keep the rope taught. Depending on the size of the flagpole, depends on the weight used. There is a 3.5” weight that weighs 3.3 lbs, 7” weight that weighs 6.7 lbs, and 14” weight that weighs 13 lbs. The most common are the 3.5” and 7” weights. These are made of steel, coated with plastisol. On windy days when the flag and rope are flying around, so is the weight. You can imagine a steel weight, although it has a plastisol coat, banging against an aluminum flagpole, can be noisy. However, we have a couple options to reduce the noise. 

Option 1: Wrap the weight in a fabric. This can help reduce the noise from the weight clanking. 

Option 2: Instead of using a weight, use three heavy duty retainer rings. One retainer ring is used on an internal halyard flagpole anyway, to keep the rope on the flagpole. Adding two extra retainer rings provides enough weight to keep the rope taught. 

There is no way to make a flagpole silent, but there are ways to reduce the noise it makes. If you need any other ideas to reduce the noise of your flagpole, please reach out. 

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