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December 16th, 2021

What Colors Are Best For My Custom Flag?

When helping our customers pick the best colors for their custom flag, we have a few personal favorites. Picking colors can be difficult, there are so many. We have some suggestions of colors we see print the best and have good penetration. 


Red can be a tricky color to get right. There are some reds that look orange, some that look pink. Our favorite red is Pantone 186. It is a vibrant red that we feel prints great on flags.


Depending on what your are using yellow for on your flag, will depend on if you like our yellow choice. However, we know Pantone 1235 will have a nice print.  


If you are looking for a good forest green, we recommend using Pantone 356. We have a lot of trust in this hearty green. 


Dark blues will have the best bleed through. The blue we would recommend for a custom flag is Pantone 282. This will be a dark, crisp blue on the front of the flag and visible on the back of the flag. 


Do you want purple on your custom flag? If you are looking for a darker purple, Pantone 268 is the perfect choice. 

What Colors Are Best For My Custom Flag

These are the colors we believe have the best penetration to the backside of a flag. We will print any color you would like, just let us know if you need any help picking colors. 

Reach out to out, and get a free quote today. Or, if you are ready to order, order online.

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