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December 9th, 2021

Residential Flagpole Gift Guide

Who is the person in your family that is really hard to shop for? I know who mine is! Find our residential flagpole gift guide below to determine the perfect flagpole for your family member.

Residential Flagpole Gift Guide

Residential Wall Mounted Flagpole Kit

This is a great option. We offer a kit that has an adjustable bracket, 6’ rotating flagpole, and a 3’x5’ American flag. This is our most popular mounted flagpole option. The bracket can adjust to the angle you prefer. The rotating flagpole has a ball bearing system in it to move with the flag, and keeps your flag from getting wrapped around the pole. And a 3’x5’ American flag 100% made in America.

Budget Friendly Wall Mounted Flagpole Kit

Our budget friendly set is very similar to the residential kit. The only difference is the bracket. The bracket we offer in this kit does not have the ability to move, it will just stay in one position. However, it is a very strong bracket and will likely withstand the winds longer than the flagpole will. 

Residential In-Ground Flagpole

In-ground flagpoles are always our first option when it comes to flagpoles. But, we understand they can be expensive. However, they last! These one-piece aluminum 15’ and 20’ flagpoles are great for residential properties. The height of your house depends on the height of the flagpole you should get. The wind speed on the flagpole is 85 mph and higher when flying a 3’x5’ flag. These flagpoles last a long time, and even longer when proper maintenance is provided. 

Three Piece 20’ Aluminum Flagpole

If you are looking to ship a flagpole to a family member, this pole can ship via ground service. Otherwise, one-piece aluminum flagpoles must ship via freight truck. 

Let us know if you have any questions about residential flagpoles, we would love to help you find the perfect gift for your patriotic family member.

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