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November 17th, 2021

Cleat and Halyard Cover

If you have a flagpole, has your rope ever been cut or has someone ever stolen your flag? This does happen, and it can be costly. If someone cuts your rope and steals your flag, there are multiple parts that need to be replaced. New rope, a new flag, and getting the rope reattached to the pole can definitely add up. If you are considering getting a flagpole, and don’t want to worry about your rope getting cut, or your flag stolen, think about an internal halyard flagpole. However, if you already have an external flagpole, and want to worry less about vandalism to your flagpole, we recommend a cleat cover and/or a halyard cover. 

What is a Halyard and Cleat? 

These are both components of a flagpole, they work very close together. 

Halyard: The rope on the flagpole, this goes through the truck(pulley) and ties off on the cleat. This is what holds flags on the flagpole. 

Cleat: This is mounted to the flagpole to tie the rope off to keep it attached to the flagpole. 

What is a cleat cover? 

A cleat cover is an aluminum box that mounts to the flagpole over the cleat that has the option for a cylinder lock or a padlock. This prevents theft, it does not mean the rope can’t still get cut. It keeps people from unraveling the rope off the cleat. 

Cleat &  Halyard Cover

What is a halyard cover? 

A halyard cover is paired with the cleat cover to cover any exposed rope immediately above the cleat cover. These can cover 5’, 6’, 8’, or 10’ of the exposed rope. This is another option to prevent theft. The cleat is typically 4’ from the ground, or waist height. If you add a halyard cover, this makes the first part of the exposed rope anywhere from 9’ to 14’ off the ground. 

These are options for external halyard flagpoles to deter theft. As much as we wish there was no vandalism to flagpoles, it happens. We want to keep your maintenance cost down, and sometimes there are up front charges that will help keep the future expenses low. 

We have all the parts you need, let us know how we can help.

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