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November 10th, 2021

Service Agreement FAQ

Service Agreement FAQ

What is a service agreement? 

We offer a service to automatically change out flags and inspect flagpoles. This service can be scheduled monthly, every other month, quarterly, or bi-annually. We will bring a set of flags to replace the current flags hanging, then either clean and repair or retire the flags we took down. Because we bring a new set, typically two sets of flags are needed. 

Why do I need a service agreement? 

The number one benefit of the service agreement is that your flags will always look great. This is priceless as it is unknown how a tattered or faded flag reflects your image to your customers, employees, or the general public. The service agreement price is at a discounted rate from our normal change out rate. Because we come to your site automatically, it is one less thing for you to worry about. 

Why do I need two sets of flags? 

This is necessary to efficiently provide service and always keep a flag flying on your flagpole. The first set of flags will be hung at the first service. We will then either store the second set for the next scheduled service call or bill for the second set at the time of the scheduled service call. At that time we will take down the flags that have been flying and hang the second set of flags. The flags that were taken down will either be clean and repaired and stored at our warehouse until the next scheduled service or retired.

What do you inspect during the service visit? 

On an external halyard flagpole, we will inspect the rope, snap hooks, pulley, truck, gold ball, and cleat. On an internal halyard flagpole we inspect the cable, weight, retainer ring, flag arranger, pulley/truck system and the top of the flagpole. We also look at the environment around the flagpole. We look at trees and buildings close by, and make suggestions if the tree needs to be trimmed or if a smaller flag is needed so the flag does not rub up against a wall or building. 

What if I need additional service to my flagpole and what hardware would I need to purchase? 

Rope and snap hooks wear out over time, and will need occasional replacing. Sometimes a ball becomes loose and needs to be replaced. Or a truck (pulley) gets jammed or broken and needs to be replaced. On an internal halyard flagpole, retainer rings, weights, or the cable can get worn out and need replaced. We will replace snap hooks at time of service. When there is any preventative maintenance needed, we will provide a written estimate and will schedule after approval. 

How can you tell when a flag should be retired and what happens to them? 

First, we look at the color of the flag. Is it faded? Is it really dirty? Are the colors dull? If you answered yes to any of these, it is time to retire your flag. If the color is still vibrant, the next thing we look at is the length of the flag. Is the flag is too short? In that case, we will retire the flag. To find out more information on determining color and length, read this blog about flag retirement. If the flags are no longer respectful to fly, we will properly dispose of them. When a flag is retired, a new flag will be billed for at the next scheduled service, when the new flag is hung. 

Can I customize my service call frequency? 

The service call frequency is whenever you would like it. Let us know what months you want us there and we will be there. 

What if I want my flags changed between scheduled services? 

We know the Colorado weather can be unpredictable, and somewhat crazy. If you notice your flags need to be replaced sooner than the scheduled service, you can call or email us. The additional service call will be at the same contracted rate. 

How long will my flags last? 

This is a difficult question to answer exactly. It is all dependent on the UV, wind, rain, sleet, hail, pollution, size of flag and height of flagpole. We typically say 3 flags per year. Some years can be different from others, depending on how severe the weather is. 

Can I cancel my service agreement? 

The service agreement can be cancelled with a 30-day written notice.

Are you ready to set up a service agreement today? Contact us today!

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