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October 27th, 2021

Why A Business Should Fly a Custom Flag

If you could make any flag you wanted, what comes to mind first? A family crest custom flag to fly at your house or hang in your garage? A youth sport team flag for the kids to run on the field with? A concert flag to keep your group of friends together, or get the artists attention? These are all fun flags to make, but our specialty is creating custom business flags. Here are 5 reasons why a business should fly a custom flag.


At times a business can be difficult to find. A flagpole with a custom flag is the perfect landmark to direct customers to your business. A large sector of our business is to help homebuilders drive traffic to their model homes. Using flags in the community acts a as a way-finder to help potential home buyers navigate. A tall flagpole at the model home with a custom flag can be seen several blocks away. Perhaps your signage is limited due to city codes, so your flagpole can act as a sign.

Business Should Fly a Custom Flag

Brand Recognition

Using your logo on a flag builds brand awareness. Studies prove that with proper brand placement and recognition, sales are higher.


We offer all types of flags, but when promoting a product or sale, consider wave banner or blade banners. These flags are excellent for store fronts, events, and assist with retail signage solutions. They are simple to install and move. Kits include the banner flag, pole, ground stake, and carrying bag. Bases are available if displaying on a hard surface.

Creative Give-Away

When brainstorming about ideas to promote your business, consider a custom flag. A custom business flag can provide a long-time keepsake for your customer. They will proudly fly or display your company logo.

Team Spirit

When you think about team spirit you think about high school, college, and sport teams. But, building team spirit with you employees is very important. A project of installing a flagpole and displaying a business custom flag can help build team spirit.

If you think your business should fly a custom flag, but need help designing a custom flag, our team is here to help. It is a great way to display the image you want to get across to your customers.

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