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October 20th, 2021

Flagpole Lighting

Do you have a flagpole, or been thinking about getting a flagpole, but unsure how to get lighting for it? We have some recommendations for you. Before we get to the different options, there are a few questions we like to ask. Is the flagpole close to a structure? If so, and you are able to tap into electricity? If you are not close enough to a structure, or unable to tap into electricity, a solar light is another option. Flagpole lighting is important especially if you do not want to take down your flag every night. The US Flag Code Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 6(a)states that the American flag may be displayed 24 hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness. 

Flagpole Light on Building or Structure

Utilizing electricity from a building or structure is the most practical solution to illuminate your flag at night. The process can be as simple as adding a spotlight or flood light to the side of the building or house.A timer or light sensor can be included to ensure the light is only on during the dark hours. This solution is clean, simple, the light is well protected, and it uses very little electricity.    

In-Ground Up Lighting

Another option for commercial flagpoles is in-ground up lighting. This is a perfect solution when  the flagpole is part of a total landscape project. This type of light requires electricity at the base of the flagpole. Typically, electricity is run underground from either the main structure, light pole, or sign. There is a wide range of in-ground lights, similar to landscape lighting, including LED and spotlights.

Electrical Down Light

When light pollution is a concern, we offer options for flagpole downlighting. The StarGazer and Beacon Light are two great options, each requiring electricity at the base of the flagpole. Each of these flagpole lights are perfect for a commercial setting. The StarGazer has a dome instead of a gold ball that houses the light to shine down. The Beacon Light has spotlights embedded in the gold ball that illuminate the flag. 

Solar Light

Solar is an ideal solution when electricity is not readily available. Several solar light options are available for commercial and residential use. 

Solar Downlight 

This solar light is designed for in-ground flagpoles and resembles a disc. The light is installed below the gold ball and above the flagpole truck. It is recommended for flagpoles up to 25’ in height, which is most residential in-ground flagpoles. We offer two options, 32 LED and 120 LED

Solar Uplight

When the flagpole is taller than 25’ and electricity to the flagpole is unavailable or cost  prohibitive, we offer a solar uplight. This flagpole attaches to flagpoles up to 6” in diameter.  A spotlight illuminates the flag from below. 

As you can see, there are so many options, our professional team is here to help you determine the best lighting option for your flag and flagpole.

Flagpole Lighting

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