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September 8th, 2021

20 Year Anniversary of 9/11

Saturday marks the 20 year anniversary of 9/11. It is surreal that time has passed so quickly. In the past, we blogged about the days leading up to and how Custom Flag Company changed in September of 2001.

Today we remember the days following the attacks, and our how we were so broken and sad. As a community we came together, as a nation we did what we could to help. The weeks and months following, we cried, gave blood, went to church, helped our neighbor, donated to victims’ families, and we joined the armed services. While we were glued to the news, we heard phone messages from those on the plane going down, which reminded us how precious time is. We hugged, we waited, and in the moment of panic, we raised our flags.

Flags flew at our homes, flags were draped on buildings. Flags flew on cars, and we had flags on our lapels. Our nation was colored red, white, and blue while we sang “God Bless America”. Together, we were united, flying an American flag. It reminds us of the sacrifice made by so many over the course of history. We saw first hand the sacrifices made that fall. Heroes came in many forms.

The flag is our common ground, no matter our belief system. The flag can bring back the spirit of unity and freedom. As we remember the lives lost and the changes that have come following the tragic events 20 years ago, lets lend a hand, go to church, hug our loved ones, help a neighbor, and fly an American flag.

20 Year Anniversary of 9/11

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