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August 25th, 2021

Tailgate Fun

Pre-season football has already started, which means college and NFL games are approaching quickly. Who doesn’t love a good tailgate before a game? Introducing a game changer in tailgating fun. This portable telescoping flagpole is exactly what you need for any sporting event. 

Easy Storage: The telescoping flagpole is unique with its ability to collapse to a length of 6ft and extend to a height of 19ft. This means you can have your flagpole when you need it, and tuck it away when you’re done. 

Portable Use: Bring your telescope flagpole with you no matter where the party is. This flagpole comes with a tire stand to hold the pole in place. Simply place a car tire on the stand, and your telescoping flagpole is ready to go. 

Create Visibility: Let your tailgate friends know where the party is at. Telescoping flagpoles are an easy way to create a landmark, attract attention and make sure your friends don’t get lost before the game begins!  

More Tailgate Fun – Custom Flags

Once you have your telescoping flagpole, you better have an awesome flag to go with it. Whether you want to fly a US flag, a team logo, or your own design, we have it all at Custom Flag Company. Our in house graphic design team is here to craft the perfect flag for every occasion. 

Want a flag of your buddy’s face from the recent bachelor party? No worries, we can design it. Want your own special message like “Saturdays Are For The Boys”? You guessed it, we can do that. 
With a little creativity, and a vector file we can make any design come to life. Reach out to us at www.customflagcompany.com or give us a call today at 303-431-1117 to speak to our staff about anything flag related!

Tailgating Fun

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