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August 10th, 2021

Why Flagpoles Sway

Have you noticed your flagpole swaying on a windy day? Don’t hit the panic button just yet! There is a reason why flagpoles sway in the wind. 

Flagpole Foundation 

First, you should understand how a flagpole is set in the ground. Here at Custom Flag Company, we set our foundations in three parts. 

Why Flagpoles Sway


We use two different types of sleeves depending on client needs. Our sleeves either come as a PVC you would find in a hardware store for plumbing. Or a steel sleeve custom ordered through our shop. Each serves the purpose of housing the actual flagpole when it is placed into the hole. 

PVC sleeves are a better option if you want to save money, or are looking for a less permanent solution. Many model homes use PVC to have the ability to later remove the pole once they close out a community. 

Steel sleeves are more expensive, but as a great option for anyone who plans on having a flag in their yard for years to come. It is our most secure solution for flagpole installation. We recommended it for anyone who wants to have a permanent foundation. 


Once the sleeve is placed in the hole, we pour concrete to encase the sleeve. This is part two of setting the foundation. Concrete is a reliable material for maintaining a sturdy base for the flagpole. Once the concrete is poured, we let it cure for a week before returning to install the flagpole and complete part three of the foundation. 


We use sand as the final additive to setting a flagpole foundation. We first place the flagpole into the sleeve, which is fully encased in the surrounding concrete. Once we have the pole leveled in the sleeve, we pour sand into the remaining sleeve space. The sand does it’s job of holding the flagpole in place, while also giving room for the flagpole to move in high winds. Hence, the flagpole sways. 

If you’re wondering to yourself why we prefer our flagpoles to sway, there is a simple answer. Flagpoles are made to sway, but a flagpole that bends can’t be fixed. 

We use sand within the sleeve to allow the flagpole to have wiggle room. The flagpole is going to move, they are too tall and lean of structures not to have movement. Our service team can easily remove sand from a sleeve, and adjust a flagpole if it leans for any reason. If a flagpole doesn’t have room to sway, it will likely bend and break. 
If you have concerns about your flagpole or its structure, please reach out to us at www.customflagcompany.com or give us a call at 303-431-1117 to speak with our service department. We are happy to help you in any way we can!

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