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August 2nd, 2021

Colorado Flag Colors and Meaning

We love our state and we love our flag. Our state flag has a unique design, one that holds bold symbolism. Tying the spirit of Colorado into one image. The colors in Colorado’s flag represent the environmental features of the state. Learn about Colorado flag colors and meaning, and how it all connects below! 

Colorado Flag Colors and Meaning


One of the most prominent features of Colorado is the snow capped mountains. During the winter months, Colorado is a popular ski destination for adventurers of all levels. The state is home to 26 different ski resorts, and hundreds of backcountry opportunities. Strap on your boots and smash some powder. Even in the summer months of Colorado, where temperatures rise to the high 90’s, you can still find snow capped mountains in the high country. A common 4th of July celebration is to ski the glaciers on some of Colorado’s tallest peaks. No matter where you live in Colorado, the mountains and their white surfaces are always staring back at you! 


Colorado is known to have over 300 days of sunshine a year. The color gold is a representation of this abundance found in Colorado. Science has proven that sunshine increases your serotonin levels and helps to stave off that seasonal affect disorder. Simply put, living in Colorado has the advantage of increasing overall well being because with over 300 days of sunshine, who can’t help but to smile? When you live in Colorado, all you need to do is walk outside, take a deep breath, and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin to feel better. 


The color red represents the earth beneath our feet in Colorado. The soil here is rich in minerals, and heavy in iron deposits. In fact, it is the iron rich soil which rusts and gives the soil its red appearance. Much of this red soil can be found in southern Colorado. Where the landforms are well drained and the un-hydrated iron oxides are present. Colorado is a geologist’s dream. With massive amounts of plate tectonic activity from over 80 million years ago which resulted in raising the Rocky Mountains we see today. Let’s not forget the agriculture community that exists in Colorado as well. With almost 40,000 farmers spread across 31.8 million acres Colorado farmers and ranchers work hard to produce commodities for the state and nation. 


The color blue represents Colorado’s open skies. With towering landscapes and abundant sunshine, it makes it easy to catch a great view in this state. On most days you will look up to see clear blue skies accompanying the sunshine. As you move away from the mountains and into the front range you will see endless miles of open space before the sky kisses the earth on the horizon. Stick around long enough for a sunset, and witness the sky set ablaze in a mixture of yellow, red, and blue. 

The Colorado flag that we see today was adopted in 1911, and has since been the representation of the state’s beauty. If you are looking for your own Colorado flag, look no further. Custom Flag Company has plenty of flags in stock. Simply order online, reach out to us at 303-431-1117, chat on our website, or visit our shop in person to get your own today!

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