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July 1st, 2021

What Does Independence Day Mean?

The week before Independence Day is usually a busy one, and boy have we felt it this week. However, that has not stopped our staff from answering some Independence Day questions.

What does Independence mean

What does Independence mean to you? 

Kim: Independence means freedom. Freedom to think, act, and speak without consequence. My thoughts, actions, or words may not agree with everyone, but independence is listening and respecting others and their thoughts. Freedom to come and go as I wish. Freedom to work in a profession that I choose. Freedom to travel, play, and socialize with friends of my choice.

Chris: Independence for me, for my family, for our country is a gift, an unearned gift. It is a privilege to not experience oppression, control, or tyranny from within or outside our country. To live, work, play, rest, worship, and connect freely is a tremendous foundation for me and my family that can hopefully lead to a flourishing, productive, and hopeful community and life.

Brent: Independence simply means “not to rely on others”.  As for Independence Day, it was our day of separation from Great Britain.

Sam: Freedom to move and think within the constraints of the physical world.

Donna: Independence, to me, represents the freedoms we enjoy and the fact that we are not controlled by any outside nation or entity.

Maddi: Independence is the capability to do what I want when I want. Being able to travel when I wanted to travel, without restriction. In the last year I realized how important Independence really was to me.

Hunter: Independence means the freedom to live my life the way I want to. Working with others for the common good, yet having the ability to differentiate myself from others. Independence is an American right, and I believe that through disciplined work ethic, anyone can achieve their own goals, and sense of independence within our country. 

Why is our flag so symbolic?

Brent: Our flag is symbolic for the work that has been done by our armed forces, national leaders, forefathers and many others to ensure that we have the freedoms provided today.

Sam: For me, the flag is symbolic because it has led the charge for progress throughout its history, and even though there are bumps along the way, the aspirations for who and what we can be are bound within the flag’s fabric.

Hunter: Our flag is symbolic because Americans have died for the values it stands for. I try to place myself in the shoes of someone who has gone to war to defend our freedom. For anyone to not respect our flag is a disgrace to everyone who has come before us. I wish more people were grateful for the opportunities they have, that were created through the sacrifices of generations of people. 

Zack: Our flag is symbolic because it’s not just a pice of fabric, it’s the millions of men and women that have died for our country, its the freedom and rights we as the people get, and  it is the one Nation under god with liberty and Justice for all. That is why our flag is symbolic to me at least. 

What are some of your favorite 4th of July activities?

Kim: My favorite Independence day activities include surrounding myself with family and friends at a cookout with a patriotic specialty cocktail. As a person who has had a firework blow up in my hair, I am not a fan of fireworks, but enjoy them for afar.

Brent: BBQing and fireworks.

Sam: Hanging out with friends and family and enjoying some hamburgers and hotdogs.

Donna: July 4th is also a time to celebrate with family and friends. Fireworks are usually a large part of the celebration. Our former neighbor would put on an unbelievable fireworks’ display and invite everyone over for grilled hot dogs and all the fixings. Some of my most memorable times have been spent at my best friend’s lake house. Her birthday is on July 4th and she usually throws a party complete with a live band playing from her deck overlooking the water.

Maddi: Getting together with friends and family, golfing, grilling, drinking, and watching fireworks!

Hunter: Fireworks, Rockies games, and drinks with friends! 

What does Independence mean to you? Why do you think our flag is so symbolic? What are some of your favorite 4th of July activities? Let us know!

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