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May 17th, 2021

Concert Flags Are A Must Have At Summer Festivals

This past year brought a lot of changes to the world, and for many people the live event world was one they wish they could have back. We missed out on a summer of live music and sporting events with friends and family. Missed out on the parking lot tailgates, the rush of a musical orchestra playing the symphony strings of our hearts. We missed the promise of an endless summer of fun and recreation. 

We retired from each other for a time, and now we are ready to come together. LIVE EVENTS ARE BACK!

Concert Flags

Festivals are a great way to create memories, express yourself, and enjoy life. It’s our slightly biased opinion that concert flags are a must have for any festival experience. We want to provide you with some information as to why concert flags are easily the best decision for you and your festival crew. 


It’s the little things in life that mean the most to us. When we think back to festival weekends, we remember the music, the dancing sights, the rush of a surrounding crowd. It’s a mix of experiences that create lifelong memories. Our customers often design a custom flag with the purpose of commemorating their weekend experience. Concert flags are an idol of sorts, which embody the spirit of the experience felt among your friends. It is the bond you create through live events, that shape our life and imprint new perspectives along the journey. Create a concert flag as a tangible remembrance of where you’ve been, as you get where you’re going.

Concert Flags 2


How do you stand out in a crowd of a thousand people? You create an image that speaks a thousand words. At Custom Flag Company, our graphic artists are fully capable of designing a flag exactly to your specifications. Our customers design flags with the purpose of creating a mascot for their festival crew. They want an image that represents who they are and what they stand for. Festival flags are a great way to create a tribe of people, and let others know who you are. What message do you want to show the world? 

Concert Flags 3


Some say you need to get lost, to find yourself again. Getting lost at a concert however, isn’t the best experience. That’s why concert flags are a great resource for keeping your festival crew together. It is much more convenient for someone to find you in a crowd by your concert flag, than it is to coordinate over the phone. Concert flags are a safety net to lose yourself in the music, and find yourself surrounded by those you love. 

If you are interested in designing a custom concert flag for your next festival experience, reach out to us to get a quote today. You can also reach us by phone at 303-431-1117 or stop in our shop to chat up a design. Our staff is readily available to help you create something unique and memorable! 

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