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May 3rd, 2021

May is Military Month

When you think of May, what typically comes to mind? Spring, blooming flowers, moms, graduation? Personally, when I think of May, I am reminded of the sacrifice the military and other public servants make for me. May is Military month. Who all is celebrated in May? Let’s go over it.

National Nurses Day

National Nurses Day is observed each year on May 6th. As we became aware over this past year, nurses play a vital role in our society. Take a minute and thank a nurse. 

Military Spouse’s Day

Military Spouse’s Day, a presidentially approved holiday is celebrated the Friday before Mother’s Day in May. We honor the contributions and sacrifices made by military spouses. They are the silent heroes who are essential to the strength of our nation.

Armed Forces Day

The third Saturday of May is Armed Forces Day. This is the day we celebrate active military personnel. A common question we get is, what is the difference between Armed Forces Day & Veterans Day? Armed Forces Day honors those CURRENTLY serving in the US Military. Veterans day celebrates the service of ALL US Military veterans. Since Armed Forces Day celebrates active military, flags fly at full staff.

Peace Officer Memorial Day

Peace Officer Memorial Day, which is observed on May 15th every year, pays tribute to local, state, and federal police officers that have died or who have been disabled in the line of duty. Flags fly at half-staff on Peace Officer Memorial Day except when it lands on Armed Forces Day. In the event Armed Forces Day lands on May 15th, as it does in 2021 and again in 2027, flags fly at full staff.

Memorial Day

The month finishes off with Memorial Day which honors those who died while serving in the military. There is a special protocol for Memorial where the flag fly at half-staff until noon, then are raised to full staff. The custom honors the war dead in the morning and the living in the afternoon.

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