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April 28th, 2021

Boat Flags, Garden Flags & Golf Flags

Have you ever needed a flag in a hurry? Well, there are certain flags we can make in house. Including, garden, boat, and golf tournament flags. And if you need a little bit larger flag quickly, we can make a RUSH flag, up to 2’x3’ with certain parameters.

We have a dye sublimation printer and a heat press. Let’s walk thought the process. It is simple as four steps:


A high resolution photograph or a vector file is required to print a high-quality flag. Simply send us the art file you have, and we can determine if it is high resolution or vector. If not, we have in-house graphic artists that can help. We offer complimentary artwork for simple designs, color or text changes. If the art is complex, we will provide a quote prior to starting any design work.


Once the art is finalized and approved, the art is sent to our in-house dye-sublimation printer. We have an Epson 24” printer that offers very high-resolution heat transfer prints.


After the art is printed to a heat transfer, we utilize the large format heat press to “print” the pre-sewn flag. We print flags on 200 denier nylon, finished with your choice of header and grommets, pole sleeve, or PVC tube. 


The flag is ready for shipment or pick up. We ship to all 50 states as well as worldwide.

Now, what is the difference between all the finishes, and which one do I need?

Boat Flag:

The typical size of a boat flag is 12”x18”. It is finished with canvas header and brass grommets. There are multiple uses for boat flags. Of course, they are perfect for boating. But the size of boat flags is perfect to frame as a gift. We make boat flags for mountaineering, since they are small and light to carry. Other uses include giveaways, photo prop, and employee recognition.

Garden Flag:

The garden flag is the same size as the boat flag but finished with an open-ended pole sleeve rather than header and grommets. Garden flags are a portrait orientation, rather than a landscape orientation. This means the flag will be 18” tall by 12” wide. The flag typically flies on a garden flag stake, where you slip the flag through the pole holder to display the flag. Garden flags are used in the garden to welcome visitors. They are a great way to show your personality through a simple message. A photo of the family, pet, or seasonal designs are the most popular options. Garden flags are an affordable way to decorate an outdoor wedding, event, or activity.

Golf Tournament Flag:

Golf flags are finished with a PVC tube so the flag can attach to the flag pin located at the hole on a golf course. Typically, the tournament planner will design a template, and each individual sponsor logos are inserted into the template. At the conclusion of the tournament, the golf flag is presented to sponsors for a keepsake. Golf tournament flags provide excellent visibility for sponsors to golfers.

Garden Boat and Golf Tournament flags

With so many Garden, Boat, and Golf Tournament flag options available, we are ready to help design and print your flags. Get a price today, and remember to mention the heat press option.

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