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March 29th, 2021

Block Out Polyester Custom Flag

It is a rare occasion that we get the opportunity to announce a new Custom Flag product. Yes, we have extended our custom product offerings over the years. These include retractable banners, table throws/runners, custom printed canopy tents, and more. However, to present a new custom flag, is a rare occasion. With the best technology, we now are offer a block out polyester custom flag.

Current Double-Sided Flag

The current double-sided custom flag we offer has two prints, sewn back-to-back, with a block out liner sewn in the middle. This is three layers of fabric, resulting in a very heavy flag. Often, it can take a lot of wind for a three-layer double sided flag to fly. Another consequence of a three-layer, double sided flag is pillowing. A word we use when air captures within the layers of the flag resulting in a pillowed, rather than flat, flag. Last, the three-layer double sided flag comes at a premium. Two prints, three pieces of fabric, and extra labor to manipulate the flag, it all adds up.  

New Block Out Polyester Double-Sided Flag

Block out polyester is one layer of fabric with block out material woven into it.  Light does not shine through the flag allowing the opportunity to print on both sides of the flag without a liner. The flag is heavier than a single layer nylon flag, but much lighter than a traditional double-sided flag. Allowing the flag to fly freely on a flagpole. The pillowing issue is non-existent because it is a single layer of fabric. Sewing labor goes down as well. All this results in a high quality, durable flag that reads correctly on the front and back, for a lower price. This is a fantastic alternative to the current double-sided flag offering.

Block Out Polyester Custom Flag

One More Way

The block out polyester custom flag also comes as a single side reverse (reads correct on the front and mirror image on the back). We still stand behind nylon single side reverse flags, but there are occasions where a heavier fabric is required rather than traditional nylon. 

Are you convinced yet? Talk to our custom flag team today to figure out what option is best for you.

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1 Comment

  • Butch Fishlock

    October 29, 2021 at 4:01 pm

    We are about to install a US fag on our condo grounds. I have been ask a few questions. Can it be made from a picture ? We have our sign as you enter our complex.. We have the flag donated by our veterans widow. Thinking about a 2×3. Double sided. Poly. And of course the cost. We would like to purchase 2.

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