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March 19th, 2021

External or Internal Halyard Flagpole?

When it comes to flagpoles there are two main types to choose from. Internal halyard or external halyard. A simple explanation, one has the rope on the outside of the pole, external. The other has the rope on the inside of the pole, internal. However, when deciding on an internal halyard or external halyard flagpole, some more detailed information is helpful.

External Halyard Flagpole

This is the most popular option, as well as the most affordable. The halyard, also known as the rope, is on the outside of the pole. The rope ties off to a cleat mounted to the flagpole.

Internal Halyard Flagpole

This is where things start to get a little more confusing. There are 2 types of internal halyard flagpoles, Cam-action cleat and a winch based internal flagpole. Both have the rope or cable on the inside of the flagpole. Each type has a weight and retainer ring. The weight keeps the flags weighted down to keep the flag taut.  The retainer ring is cable threaded with round beads or balls that wraps around the pole to keep the rope or cable tight on the flagpole.

What is the difference between the cam-action cleat and winch-based flagpoles?

Cam-Action Cleat

This pole has an access door with a lock to access the rope on the inside of the flagpole. The rope is threaded through the cam-action cleat to secure the rope. Basically, the cam action cleat clamps down the rope to keep it in place. Snap hooks are used to attach the flag to the rope.

Winch Based

This pole uses cable instead of rope and requires a handle that is inserted into the winch to raise and lower the flags. A winch is mounted inside the flagpole with the cable securely wrapped around the winch. A flag arranger, which is a pre-cut cable sized appropriately to the size of flag flying is attached to the cable assembly to attach flags to the cable.

Internal flagpoles have a clean look and are great for preventing theft because the components are inside of the flagpole. Internal halyard flagpoles tend to be quieter since the rope/cable are inside the flagpole.

We have flagpoles in stock, mostly external halyard flagpoles, with a few internal flagpoles. If you are still unsure whether an external halyard or internal halyard flagpole, we can help! Looking for a specific flagpole? We can easily get it ordered. Let us help you with your flagpole!

External or Internal Halyard Flagpole

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