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February 25th, 2021

Indoor Flag Set Q&A

When are indoor flag sets needed? 

An indoor flag set is appropriate for a boardroom, place of worship, corporate office, meeting hall, or to use as a backdrop for a dignitary speech. Indoor flag kits are also a great solution when decorating a large room for an event.  

Indoor Flag Set Q&A

What Size and Type of Flag Can Be Displayed on an Indoor Flag Set?

Any type of flag can be displayed, but the American flag is the most popular indoor set. The United States flag is made of the highest quality nylon, with sewn stripes, embroidered stars, and gold fringe. Military, religious, and custom company flags are also popular indoor flag options. These flags can be either printed, appliqued, or a hybrid for the highest quality display. A 3’ tall x 5’ wide flag fits most indoor flag kits perfectly. If displaying the flag on a 6’ flagpole, we would recommend a 2’x3’ or 2.5’x4’. If the flag is displayed in a large auditorium, sizing up to a 4’x6’ would be appropriate. 

Can I use a flag with header and grommets on my presentation kit?

The finish is very important, and must be able to accommodate the pole. Technically, you can attach a flag finished with header and brass grommets to an indoor set, but it is not the preferred option. We offer an open ended pole sleeve to slip over the pole with a leather tab sewn inside the top of the pole sleeve. The leather tab has a small slit to insert over a screw that is on the indoor flag pole. This provides the best looking indoor flag presentation. 

How to display Indoor Flag set in an auditorium or church?

If flown from a staff it should be on the speaker’s right; all other flags on the platform should be on their left.

When it is displayed on the pulpit or chancel in a church, the flag should be flown from a staff placed on the clergyman’s right as he faces the congregation. All other flags on the pulpit or chancel should be on his left.

However, when the flag is displayed on the floor of a church or auditorium, on a level with the audience, it is placed to the right of the audience.

How to Assemble an Indoor Set?

1. Set your base down where you plan to display your flag

2. If using an adjustable flagpole, set the pole to desired height. If using two piece flagpole, screw the pieces together. 

3. Slide flag onto the pole and attach with leather tab

4. Attach the gold tassel to the ring using a slip knot

5. Thread the pole ornament to the top of the flagpole

6. Insert flagpole into base

7. Stand back and enjoy

Check out our Indoor Flag Set blog to learn about all the parts needed for your Indoor Flagpole.

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