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October 26th, 2020

Winter Xtra Stitch American Flag

The cold weather is here, is your flag ready for the change of season? Winter can be really hard on flags, cold wind whipping the flag around, causing it to fray. Snow freezing the flag, or the winter sun. With Colorado as one of the sunniest states, flags can even fade in the winter. Think about getting a winter xtra stitch American flag. With the extra reinforcement, this flag could last all winter, depending on the weather of course.

What is the extra reinforcement on this American Flag?

The difference between our typical American flag and the xtra stitch American flag is the amount of stitching on the fly end.

On smaller flags, there is typically four rows of stitching on the fly end with reinforced stitching on the top and bottom. As the flag gets bigger there are more rows of stitching added.

Xtra Stitch flags have four additional rows of stitching zig-zagging on the fly end of the flag. In addition to the extra rows of stitching, the corners are reinforced by zig-zagging the entire square. This keeps the flag from fraying as quickly. These are especially good for high wind areas.

Winter Xtra Stitch American Flag

Xtra Stitch flags will still fray, even with the extra reinforcement. But it will prolong the life of the flag. When a flag starts to fray, there is nothing to stop it from continuing to fray. The zig-zag rows on an xtra stitch flag is an additional stopping point the fraying needs to get through.

Xtra Stitch Flag

Contact us if you need a winter xtra stitch American flag. We have them in stock and can ship them out right away. If you prefer to pick the flag up, come visit our showroom. We are open to the public or can deliver for curbside pickup. If changing out your flag seems like a hassle, we have a service team that can change out the flag, in the Denver Metro area. Call to place your order 303-431-1117, or order online.

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