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October 20th, 2020

Photograph to Custom Flag

A common request we get is “I want this photo on a flag”. This can either be pretty simple or somewhat complicated. A lot of times the photograph turned to a custom flag is as a tribute or memorial of a loved one.

Losing someone close to you can be very difficult. A memorial flag to fly or display is a way for survivors to honor their family member or friend. We recently produced a flag for a mother who lost her son to gun violence. It was an emotional project, but she had a great photograph to turn to a custom flag.

Photograph to a custom flag

Photo Resolution

Image resolution is the value that determines the quality of an image when it is printed on material. Resolution is measured by the number of pixels (dots of ink) that run along a single inch of a printed image. The more pixels contained within an inch of printed material, the higher the resolution. Or the higher the quality of the photo. Pixel stands for “picture element” and is the smallest element used in the creation of an image.

Every digital image is made up of a grid of tens, hundreds or thousands of square pixels. Each containing a single hue/color. When a group of pixels are placed together and viewed at the right distance, they give the appearance of a smooth, continuous image. If you were to look close enough at any image you would be able to identify each individual pixel in the image. This is why an image that is not lower resolution will appear pixelated when enlarged.

Flag Layout

There are two options to layout the flag, vertical or horizontal. This can depend on the layout of the photo. If you want your flag printed in a horizontal format, a vertical photo might not work very well. A solution is to place the photo within a circle or oval to balance out the flag.

We are here to help ensure your photograph to a custom flag will print well.

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