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August 19th, 2020

Four Types of Flag Finishes

Did you know there are different ways a flag can be finished? When figuring out your flag display, an important piece is flag finish. That way the flag can fly or hang the way you want it. There are four types of flag finishes.

Header & Grommets

The most common finish for an outdoor flag. Header is a white canvas strip of fabric that is sewn along the left side of the flag. Grommets are brass eyelets placed at the top and bottom of the flags header to attach to the rope. Larger flags exchange the canvas header for a webbing type material, and the grommets with D rings or roped thimbles for added strength.

Pole Sleeve Open Top

A pole sleeve or pole hem is an alternative to header and grommets on an indoor or residential mounted flagpole. The sleeve is constructed with additional flag fabric, and the sleeve size is determined by the diameter of the pole. The pole sleeve size is typically twice the diameter of the pole. These are made with an opening at the top to allow an ornament to attach to the top of the pole. All pole sleeve flags are constructed with a leather tab. Which attaches to the flagpole, whether it is used indoor or outdoor.

Pole Sleeve Closed Top

This pole sleeve option is constructed with the top of the sleeve sewn, or as we call “closed top” pole sleeve. This allows the flag to slip over the top of the flagpole for an economical option to fly an attraction flag. When using this method of display, the flagpole does not have a topper or ornament.

Hemmed on All Four Sides

This option does not have header or a pole sleeve. It is simply hemmed around all four sides. This flag is not made to fly on a pole but commonly used to hang on a wall or inserted in a frame to display the flag.

If you are not sure what type of finish you need for your flag display, we are here to help. Call or email us, and we can talk about how and where the flag will be displayed to recommend the four types of flag finishes you need.

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