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August 13th, 2020

City of Denver Flag, a Well Designed Flag

A well designed flag is like stepping on a crunchy leaf in the fall. Or like hitting every green light on the way to work. Or like hitting exactly $20.00 when filling up your tank of gas. We really appreciate a well-designed flag. And one of the best designed flags happens to be the flag of our neighbor, The City of Denver. Their city flag is rated #3 for best designed city flags (according to the North American Vexillological Association). The City of Denver flag is a unifying and proud city symbol. The flag was designed by a North High School student in 1926, the flag has passed the test of a timeless design.

City of Denver Flag

What does the City of Denver flag mean?

The colors are red, white, blue, and yellow. The red is for the red earth found throughout the region. The white for snowy mountains and silver for mining, but also pays homage to the Native American background. The blue represents the many blue skies that Denver has, and the yellow represents the many sunny days, gold, and the proximity of Denver as central in location and being the State’s Capitol. This is a great example of a lot of symbolism and meaning packed into one simple flag.

Not many newcomers to the City of Denver realize that the city has a flag, and many others are not sure where to get one. Luckily Custom Flag Company has them in stock. As a national flag company, we are sure to emphasize and represent our state and municipalities as much as possible. There are some pretty recognizable flags that come from our state.

If you are a Denver resident and want to show your civic pride or just want to add a cool flag to your collection, we can assist you.

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