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June 5th, 2020

United States Space Force Flag

We have a new reason to be Colorado proud. The United States Space Command will be headquartered here in Colorado, at the Peterson Air Force Base, in Colorado Springs, for the next six years. You can imagine the excitement we had when the official United States Space Force flag was unfurled in the Oval Office on May 15, 2020.

What is the United States Space Force? It was established in 2019, and is the first new military branch in over 70 years. US Space Force is the space warfare service branch of the US Armed Forces. This branch will protect the interests of the United States in, from, and to space. US Space Force will fall under the umbrella of US Air Force.

The design is spectacular and exactly what you would expect for Space Command branch of the US Military.

United States Space Force Flag

Background and Text

Black with UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE centered below the logo in white with MMXIX – which is Roman Numeral 2019, just beneath the text.

Delta Symbol

The delta wing symbolizes change and innovation as well as all variations of space vehicles that support National Defense/National Security Space Strategy. The delta also ties to the early days of the US Air Force space community. The dark and light shades of grey within the delta embody the 24/7 operations of the Space Force. The placement and upward orientation of the delta reveals the central role of the Space Force in defending space domain.


The globe represents the terrestrial home of the US Space and its support to the joint warfighters.

Elliptical Orbit

The elliptical orbit around the globe signifies defense and protection from all adversaries and threats emanating from the space domain. It also represents ongoing interagency cooperation and allied partnerships.

Guiding Light and Stars

The Guiding Light Star, located at the top left of the delta’s apex, signifies the Space Force branch’s core values. It is a guiding light of security, and alludes to a constant presence in space, both now and in the future. The two clusters of small stars on either side of the delta are said to represent the existing assets developed, maintained, and operated by the U.S. Space Force, while the three more prominent stars are a representation of the branch’s three main functions: to organize, train, and equip.

Information on the symbols of the Space Force Flag was provided by the United States Space Force Fact Sheet. https://www.spaceforce.mil/About-Us/About-Space-Force

We stock the new United States Space Force military flag in sizes 2×3’, 3×5’, 4×6’, 5×8’, and indoor presentation style with pole hem and silver fringe, sized 3×5’. Order online or call to get your new flag today.

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