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May 6th, 2020

Thank a Nurse with a Heart Flag

Today kicks of National Nurses Week, one week long where we get to celebrate and thank all our nurses. What great timing this is, if we weren’t thanking them enough for everything they are doing during this pandemic, we certainly will be this week. However, one week does not seem like enough time to thank these wonderful heath care providers. We need to remember throughout the year to show them gratitude for what they do. A nurse heart flag shows support for every nurse out there.

While we are sitting at home in our bubble to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, nurses are putting their own lives at risk to care for those affected. They are acting as a nurse, a friend, and even a family member because patients can’t have any loved ones around them.

Watching nurses from different departments in different stages of their career is something we may never see again in our lifetime. They have all stepped up and we depend on their ability to deal with critically ill patients. Even with all this madness they keep going back, each shift, day or night, to do it all over again.

How are businesses and communities showing support for nurses?

Restaurants and chefs are helping feed healthcare workers by either dropping meals off at local hospitals or providing free meals when they order carryout from their restaurants.

Communities are displaying white ribbons near health care facilities. And at 8 PM every evening anyone and everyone goes outside to clap, cheer, and howl for healthcare workers.

Custom Flag Company has a nurse heart flag available to fly proudly showing support for nurses. The white flag with a red heart is part of ‘Hearts with Healthcare Workers’ showing community support during this pandemic.

How are you showing your support?

Nurse Heart Flag

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