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May 1st, 2020

Class of 2020 Flag

There’s a group of students who have been profoundly and forever affected by this Pandemic, this year’s graduating seniors. The traditions they look forward to like, prom, spring sports, yearbook signing, and graduation ceremonies have been turned upside down. Without these events, how can graduating seniors remember this year with something positive? A class of 2020 flag is a piece of memorabilia that they can hold onto forever.

How are these resilient students coping in the wake of Covid 19? What can be done to celebrate these milestones?

Principals are working with student/parent groups to either create ways to hold remote proms and graduation ceremonies or postponing them. However, without an organized school prom, students are still finding ways to have their senior prom. Whether they are dressing up, taking pictures, and posting Tik Toks in prom attire or attending a virtual prom.

A Virtual Prom?

There have been a couple ways students had a virtual prom. One, grabbing a group of friends, getting dressed up, and dancing over a zoom call. Two, joining a celebrities prom. Some DJ’s have joined schools prom over zoom. Then there is John Krasinski, going live on YouTube throwing a prom for seniors. He had some special guests including, The Jonas Brothers and Billie Eilish who performed their songs.

Not the prom they were hoping for, but something to remember.

How are parents coping?

As it turns out, they are finding creative ways to honor their graduating student.

Yard signs are popping up in front yards, principals are lining their yards with pictures of 2020 graduates, and parents are decorating their front door with high school accomplishments along with the graduates future plans.

One last way to honor a graduating senior is fully customizing a class of 2020 flag. This can include a picture of the graduate, the school logo, or a fond memory the graduate has from the last four years. A great way to show pride and student recognition.

How are you celebrating the Class of 2020?


Class of 2020 flag

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