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April 23rd, 2020

Spring Flagpole Checklist

Springtime is here, and how ready are we to freely be outside? Now is a great time to make sure everything is ready for the warmer weather, including your flagpole. Here is a Spring Flagpole Checklist to make sure your flagpole is ready for the summer. 


Check for fraying or any obvious wear, lowering your flags to inspect the rope can be helpful. Critical places to check the rope are snaphook locations, rope connection point, the section of rope that goes in the truck, and the portion that is tied around the cleat. These areas are prone to wear. It is important to catch this before the rope breaks. The service call to replace the rope from the ground is far less than getting to the top of the flagpole. 


The truck, also known as the pulley, is located at the top of the flagpole, where the rope feeds through. Does your rope raise and lower smoothly? Is the rope snagging on the pulley? Is the rope getting stuck? If so, this needs to be addressed. 


Snaphooks connect the flag to the rope, these can wear down over time and eventually break or wear through. This can leave your flag dangling by one attachment. These need to be replaced every few years, if not sooner. 

Snaphook Covers

Why does a snaphook need a cover? Well, they can be pretty noisy without one. The metal snaphook hitting a metal pole can drive anyone crazy. These also need to be replaced every couple years. 


How does your flag look? Is it dirty or faded? How about tattered on the end? If there is enough room to repair the flag and it is not too faded, we offer a clean and repair. This can prolong the life of your flag. Whether the flag can be clean and repaired or if it just needs to be retired, a new flag flying will look wonderful with the blooming trees, colorful flowers, and the green grass. 

If you need help with the Spring Flagpole Checklist, give us a call or email us. We are happy to help.

Spring Flagpole Checklist

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