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April 9th, 2020

Residential In-Ground Flagpole

With the current Stay-at-Home orders put in place by most states we are home during the day. We are home during the day, home in the evening, home all weekend. With all that time at home, we have time to really look around our house and gain momentum to tackle some of those home projects. With the weather turning spring-like, outdoor projects are showing up on the top of the list.

Spring projects include winter clean up, fertilizing, pruning, and digging in the dirt. While working on these projects you may find the perfect spot for residential in-ground flagpole. A permanent in-ground flagpole is a great addition to your home. It looks great and it’s easy to put a flag up and take it down.

Some things to consider when looking for the perfect flagpole.


Is the placement far enough from the house or other structures so that the flag does not rub up against it? Look at the vegetation around the area, will trees our bushes eventually grow that could potentially obstruct the flag?


A typical residential flagpole is 20’ or 25’. We can certainly install a taller flagpole but you will need to consider how many stories you home is and how large your lot is. A 40 or 50’ flagpole is perfect for a home on acreage where a 50’ flagpole will be huge on a standard city lot with a single story home. Additionally, it is good to be aware of city/county zoning restrictions for flagpole height.


The typical finish, or color, is silver. Another popular finish is clear anodized which is silver but keeps the flagpole from showing blemishes after several years. We offer bronze, black, and custom colors as well.


Most residential flagpoles are external halyard. That means the rope (halyard) and components of the flagpole are on the outside (external) of the flagpole. A typical cleat is placed to secure the rope. We offer internal halyard flagpoles as well. An internal halyard has the rope (halyard) and components in the inside (internal) of the flagpole. Advantages of an internal halyard is security since you need a key to access the rope to lower and raise the flag.

Wind Rating

When a flagpole is placed in a wide open space known to be a wind tunnel, a higher wind rated flagpole is needed than a flagpole placed in a neighborhood surrounded by homes to protect the flagpole from wind. Wind rating is determined by the height of the flagpole, the base diameter of the flagpole as well as the wall thickness of the aluminum.


Do you plan to take your flag down each and every day? If not, remember to consider lighting to illuminate your flag. There are many solutions including solar down lighting, in-ground up lighting, or adding a fixture to your home.

We can work with you to help determine the perfect residential in-ground flagpole for your home. We can ship the flagpole directly to your home or we can install the flagpole. Give us a call to discuss your flagpole project.

Residential in-ground flagpole

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