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April 6th, 2020

Never Forget

There are times in your life that you will never forget. The day you got married, the birth of your children, where you were on September 11, 2001. Maybe you are old enough to remember President Kennedy assassination or Pearl Harbor being bombed. Those days will never be forgotten. I personally will never forget the day the first man landed on the moon. We are in the middle of history, another period we will never forget, COVID-19.

Time of History

Universities and schools closed for months, all professional sporting events cancelled. We are ordered to stay at home by our government, thinking they were overreacting. The numbers started so small, only in the coastal towns. But then the numbers started to grow, more people were getting sick, and some started dying. When it seemed so far away, it was right in our back yard. We never thought our strong nation would exceed the numbers of China or Italy, but here we are, the number of cases are 2x Italy, the 2nd country with the most cases. It now is a little too close to home, someone in our town, someone from our church passes away. Our hospitals are overcrowding, we need ships to be used as hospitals and convention centers are turning into medical facilities.

Our flag suppliers are making gowns, masks, and other protective gear as the supplies are running low. It feels like we are living a dream. I go to bed a night praying this is a dream, waking up and it’s not. Everyday I pray for my friends and family, pray for those who are the on the frontline, nurses, doctors, police officers, truck drivers, and grocery store workers, they are the real heroes. What can I do? I will stay home, and I will distance myself from others.

Fly Old Glory

One way we can support the US in this time is flying the American Flag. This is a reminder we are all in this together, our great nation will get through this time. Seeing the stars and stripes wave in the wind gives me hope. Hope in health and wellness, hope in our researchers and healthcare workers, hope in our great nation. Feeling hopeless? Fly your American flag.

US Residential Flag Set - Never forget

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