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April 3rd, 2020

Pets are our New Co-Worker

There is one group benefiting from this shelter in place, our pets. More time with humans, more walks, more love. For those of us lucky enough to be working from home, pets are our new co-worker, sleeping under our feet at home. Our pets are loving this time, what are they going to do when we have to leave them again?

It’s shown that interaction with our pets boosts our well-being, creativity, reduced blood pressure, increased cardiovascular health, reduced anxiety and a reason to get outdoor exercise.

The best-looking animal shelter is an empty one, with this pandemic adoptions and pet fostering are at an all-time high and the shelters are emptied. What a perfect time to adopt an animal, more time at home that can be spent training. Apparently getting a pet was just another thing people did not have time for before COVID-19.

While any pet can keep you company, one of the more active pets are dogs. Here in Colorado, dogs are the pet of choice. They play fetch, tug-of-war, catch a Frisbee, or go on a run with you. How can dogs not cheer you up? They greet you with a wagging tail every day and make you laugh even on the worst days.

We flood social media with photos of our pets. Some even have their own Facebook page, some even have their face on a flag. We can create any custom pet flag you can think of. Send our custom flag designers your favorite picture of your pet and turn it into a flag. National Pet Day is April 11, this should be the best pet day since we are all home.

Here are a few photos of our pets at home during this time.

What are you doing with your pet while staying home?

Donnas Pets are our New Co-Worker

Maddi's Pets are our New Co-Worker

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