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April 1st, 2020

Custom Flag Company during COVID-19

What is Custom Flag Company doing?

How many emails have we received regarding COVID-19? I know, a lot, but it’s time to share what Custom Flag Company is doing. 

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind, what day is it? Each day there is a news conference where new information is released, how do we adapt to these daily changes? 

After making about five operational changes in 3 days, the decision was finally made to move from 50% staff to only one person in the office at a time. It felt like we were waiting for someone to get sick to close the office. It just didn’t feel right. Now, everyone is working remotely. We are still answering phones, responding to emails, and fulfilling orders. 

Learning a new way to communicate can be hard. We take for granted asking a question in the office and getting an immediate response. Now, we are Slacking on a regular basis, but have to wait a couple minutes or a couple hours for a response. Our office went from having weekly meetings in the office, to daily meetings over the phone. 

With all this change we did have to close our showroom. We are in the office to receive mail and shipments from suppliers. While in the office we are shipping all online orders, processing the work we completed from home, and set ourselves up for another week to work from home. 

Our service team is still busy, in order for them to stay safe in a time like this we have implemented some safety and health guidelines. They are now driving in individual trucks to job sites, while this is inefficient we believe it is the best way for them to social distance from each other. While on the job site they are cautious to distance themselves from each other and others on site while taking steps to properly disinfect their truck, tools, and supplies. They are reminded to wash their hands many times throughout the day. I am so grateful to get new service work and our service techs are grateful to have jobs, we all are.

So Much Uncertainty

The uncertainty in business, the community, and our health are just some ways COVID-19 is affecting us. We miss our freedom. Freedom to drive around, jump on a plane, go to an event, seeing friends and family, eat in a restaurant, go to the gym, all the things we were taking for granted less than a month ago. 

As the world around us unravels, we look for hope and goodness. This time is a reminder to slow down, enjoy time at home, go for a walk around the block. Put the hustle and bustle aside, enjoy the company of those around you in a time like this. 

While it feels like you don’t have control over anything, remember there are a few things we can control. Nutrition, activity, and how we decide to spend this time. It might be catching up on movies or shows, playing games, reading, journaling, or virtual time with friends and family. 

We are strong and resilient, take this time for yourself. This will end, and we will have freedom again.


Custom Flag Company during COVID-19 At home work spaces

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