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December 17th, 2019

Maple Syrup Day 2019

What is Maple Syrup Day?

Maple Syrup day is a sweet day where we can celebrate this delicious condiment. What do you put syrup on? Pancakes, waffles, bacon, eggs, hash browns, spaghetti (as Buddy would do in Elf). There are no complaints if syrup is touching any of my breakfast food.

Where does Maple Syrup come from?

The largest supplier of maple syrup is Canada. There are so many maple trees in Canada it makes them a leader in producing maple syrup.

Why do we care about Maple Syrup Day?

Well we love breakfast foods, and what comes with most breakfast foods? Syrup.

What is that flag that has the maple leaf of it? Right, Canada! To really celebrate national maple syrup day, we should fly a Canadian flag. Or, we should make a flag with a picture like the one below. Pancakes and maple syrup!

If we can turn this photo into a flag, we can turn just about any photo into a custom flag. Provide us a high resolution photo, or vector art, and we are happy to create the flag of your dreams for any special holiday.

pancakes and syrup - national maple syrup day 2019


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