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December 16th, 2019

Where to Spend the Remainder of your Budget

Does your company or organization operate with a “use it or lose it” budget? If so, there are a few short weeks to spend it. We can help you find where to spend the remainder of your budget.

Textiles is a perfect place to use the last few budget bucks before the year ends. Flags are timeless and do not have an expiration date. Here are a couple suggestions.

American and State Flags. Consider an annual purchase, as the price per flag decreases with the quantity ordered. We have a huge stock of flags ready to ship today.

Custom Flags. This is our name. This is what we do. Need custom flags for your outdoor pole? Stock up for 2020 now. Need custom flags for a trade show or promotion, we are here for you.

Outdoor Flagpoles. Want to install a flagpole at your place of business? We can help you determine what size flagpole would best compliment your building and landscape.

Indoor Flag Sets. Do you have a flagpole in your board room, reception area, or office? If not, consider showing you patriotic spirit with an indoor flag set. We have a large stock of indoor flag kits for pick up or shipment.

Other Custom Products. Looking ahead to 2020, do you have trades hows, events, or programs that require custom printed product? We offer products that are all custom. Table throws, pop-up tents, retractable banners, golf tournament flags, and much more.  We can help you design and produce amazing looking pieces.

As we close out 2019, let’s chat about your flag needs to for 2020.

American Flag - Where to Spend the Remainder of your Budget

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