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December 4th, 2019

How Big is a 3’x5′ Flag – Part 2

Two of the most common questions we get here at Custom Flag Company is, “how big is a 3’x5’ flag?” and “what is the size of a standard flag?”.

Obviously a 3’x5’ flag is 3 feet by 5 feet, but it can be hard to visualize that amount of space.  If a tape measure isn’t nearby we often say to spread your arms apart and the distance between your fingertips will usually be between 5 feet or 6 feet; furthermore, the distance from the fingertips to the middle of your chest will be close to 3 feet.

Here are a few photos to use as a guide to help visualize popular flag sizes.

Flag Size 3ft by 5ft CFC

Flag Size 2ft by 3ft CFCFlag Size 2.5 by 4Flag SIze 4ft by 6ft CFC


Now the question of the standard size flag is a bit trickier.  The flag geek answer is, there is not a standard size but a list of standard ratios; such as, 2’x3’, 2.5’x4’, 3’x5’, 4’x6’, 5’x8’, etc.  Normally when someone asks us that question we find that they are looking for the most common size which is the 3’x5’. We do have 3’x5’ flags readily available and here at Custom Flag Company.

However, there are times when a customer is trying to match the correct size flag with their flagpole.  So for that we have provided this chart with flagpole heights and the recommended flag size.

6ft pole mounted on the side of a house 2’x3’ / 2.5’x4’/ 3’x5’
15ft in ground flagpole 3’x5’
20ft in ground flagpole 3’x5’
25ft in ground flagpole 4’x6’
30ft in ground flagpole 5’x8’
35ft in ground flagpole 6’x10’
40ft in ground flagpole 8’x12’
50ft in ground flagpole 10’X15’
60ft in ground flagpole 12’x18’
70ft in ground flagpole 15’x25’
80ft in ground flagpole 20’x30’

There is some wiggle room with the flag sizes and flagpole height but be careful not to go too big; for example, a 15’x25’ flag will fit on a 50ft pole at full-staff but if you have to lower the flag to half-staff then the flag will either not be at half-staff or the flag will be touching the ground, since the flag does not fly straight out all the time. We usually recommend to not go bigger than a 25% of the flagpole height. For example, 25% of a 50′ pole is 12.5′ and the closest size for that would be 12’x18’ flag.

There you have it, all you ever wanted to know and more about flag sizes. Find your next US Flag, State Flag, Custom Flag, or any other flag needs here at Custom Flag Company.

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