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November 20th, 2019

How to Change out a Flag

Do you or someone you know have a flagpole? Do you know how to change out your flag? If not, we can help.

Follow these steps and you will be the person to go to when a flag needs to be replaced.

  • Buy a new flag
  • Untie your rope
  • Lower your flag
  • Unhook your flag from the snaphooks
  • Inspect the snaphooks & other flagpole parts, are they getting worn down? They might need to be replaced, buy them here
  • Attach the new flag to the snaphooks
  • Raise the flag to the top of the flagpole
  • Tie the rope to the pole
  • Check flag, make sure all looks good
  • Take or ship old flag to Custom Flag Company to retire for free

If this is something you do not want to do, give us a call 303-431-1117 or fill out our quote form and we can come change out your flag for you.

How to change out your flag on your flagpole

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