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November 15th, 2019

What is a Single Side Reverse Flag?

What is a single side reverse flag?

This is a question we get asked at least once a day. Very simply, a single side reverse flag is one that reads correct on the front side of the flag and is a mirror image, or reverse, on the back side of the flag. This is how most flags are made.

Example One: American Flag

Take a look at the American flag. The front has the star-field on the top-left. Turn the flag over and the star-field is on the top-right side of the flag. With a US Flag, there is no writing on the flag and it is completely recognizable on either side of the flag.

Custom Flag Company American Flag Single Side Reverse

Example Two: Custom Flag with Text

When designing a custom flag, the tendency is to create a double-sided flag, where the image reads correctly on each side. We typically recommend the single side reverse for custom flags that fly on a flag pole. There are several reasons why this is recommended. First, a single side reverse flag is made with a single piece of fabric. This allows the flag to fly freely with a light breeze.

Custom Flag Company Single Side Reverse Flag

Double sided flags are three pieces of fabric (two prints, sewn back-to-back with a liner) and it sometimes takes a good amount of wind for the flag to fly. Also, when a flag is flying on a flagpole, the human brain will recognize the logo and actually read in reverse. The final reason we discourage double sided flags for flagpoles is the longevity. With the three layers of fabric, the flag does wear out faster. With all that said, if it is imperative to your branding, we are happy to make double sided flags.

This can be confusing and our team is here to answer any questions. Let’s chat about your flag!

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