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November 8th, 2019

Strategic Planning for Custom Flag Company

We are all busy, none of us have unlimited time, so it is very difficult to carve out a full day to focus on the direction of the company.


Today marks the 6th year that Custom Flag Company has turned off our emails and phones, and put flags on pause for a day to look within ourselves, personally and professionally.


Over the years, some meetings have brought out some very significant objective and goals. Other years, maybe we were going through the motions. Even when the meeting is not as dynamic and earth shattering as other years, I can honestly say, this meeting is vital to our sustainability and growth.


Even though our company is very close, we still open with an ice breaker. We dive deep into our mission statement, our values, our vision. Of course, it would not be complete without a SWOT analysis. We make goals, assign roles for each employee. We end the day with a fun, team-building activity.


What are your strategic plans for 2020?

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